Taxi manager

Financial management for taxi drivers. Taxi Manager allows entry into the database and easily monitor the income of taxi drivers. Also there is statistical processing of data daily, weekly and monthly basis. Data are owned taxi driver and stored on a local device, there is no connection to the web service or sending data to the server on the internet. There is the possibility of importing and exporting the database and exporting the database into an Excel (xls). Printing of bills and reports is possible via a bluetooth thermal printer with emulation ESC/POS® commands.

Link for a thermal printer that is used, price approximately $37:


• Printing bills and reports
• Monitoring cash input
• Expense tracking
• Charts
• Export and import database
• Export to Excel
• Enter the amount after each ride

• Average per lenght
• Average per hour
• Automatic length calculations
• Daily driving route on a map
• Payments and time on the map
• Real time fuel consumption
• Real time cost of fuel consumed

Video tutorial, promo video, user manual...

Link to download Taxi manager: Download